Anahata Heart Perfume Spritz **LIMITED EDITION**

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The Anahata Spritz is back. 

A vibrant fragrant fusion of dancing light as through the leaves of trees. If there was just one word to describe this Anahata Perfume Spritz, the wood would be ‘uplifting’.

For those of you who already know the Anahata Heart Fragrance of old, this needs no introduction, I will simply say this.. Anahata is now better than it has ever been… with the subtle introduction of Yuzu & Gardenia to the already rich bouquet of florals, citrus & woods, this is a delightful blend of Rose, Jasmine, Ylang ylang, Neroli, Rose geranium & gardenia, with a delicate Yuzu & Bergamot citrus breeze, softened & enriched with the warm creamy notes of Sandalwood & the earthy charcoal notes of Cedarwood.

Anahata is our central Chakra, & the very centre of our balance. Interpreted in so many ways, the Heart Chakra, for me can be perhaps best summed up by the poet Rupi Kaur

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” Rupi Kaur.

Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Gardenia, Ylang ylang & Rose Geranium laugh their warm floral notes together with the Citrus notes of Yuzu & Bergamot. This happy breezy fragrance is rooted in the safe & wonderfully loving arms of Sandalwood & Cedarwood. These two Kings of the scented woods.


100% Natural Perfume Spritz. Vegan and Alcohol free. A beautiful natural perfume spray for the linen cupboard, clothing, hair perfume, room spray, car perfume or personal space.

50 ml Miron glass bottle with recyclable spray atomiser.