Anahata Heart Solid Perfume

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On first inhaling Anahata Heart you are met with the energising & uplifting top notes of exotic florals, then the more subtle, uplifting sharper notes of citrus held in the warm grounding embrace of Sandalwood & Cedarwood.

Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Osmanthus & Bourbon Rose Geranium interweave with the fresh clarity of Yuzu & Bergamot.

This melody of Floral & Citrus blends exquisitly to create a mouthwatering fresh scent.

A fusion of Florals chosen from Moroccan Rose, Indian Jasmine and Osmanthus, Indonesian Ylang Ylang, Egyptian Neroli & French Bourbon Rose Geranium, balanced beautifully with a gentle citrus breeze from Yuzu & Bergamot, grounded in the warmth of Australian Sandalwood.


The Heart Chakra....

► Anahata in Sanskrit moves love through our life and touches everything we do because it feeds our thoughts.. It is the center of our deepest bonds with other beings, our sense of empathy, ability to care without resentment and our simple compassion. Our feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect.

[Anahata] is an integrating and unifying chakra - bringing wholeness - as our healing center. Indeed Love is the ultimate healing force.

Anahata [Heart CHAKRA] is a complex floral arrangement of aroma's, carefully created to reach our limbic selves and help us to rebuild our ability to choose Love not Fear so that we can trust ourselves not to choose our path simply because of fear or practicality but to follow our heart in everything.

A strong Heart Chakra will give us the strength to always choose Love and to never let Fear turn us away from our playful and Loving Hearts.

Our five [physical] senses - touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell are all needed to nurture our innate emotional energies and Chakras..

*Shea nut butter infused with the pure essential oils of..
Rose geranium
Rose centifolia
Sandalwood Spicatum
Ylang Ylang
Jasmine officinalis

*Carnauba wax
Stearic acid.

*organic ingredient