Vanilla Skinscent Solid Perfume

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A divine scent for the senses. 

A creamy blend of pure Vanilla CO2, exotic woods & spices. A Soul loving, sensuous aroma to captivate your senses & ignite your wild & untamed spirit..

In the fragrance world, there are some scents described as “skin scents.” These Skin fragrances are scents that can only be smelled on the wearer when you're close enough to see their individual eyelashes, the curve of their lips, the texture of their Skin... The skin scent of the one we love, cherish & want with soul aching longing is perhaps the most erotic fragrance to breathe in.

‘Vanilla Skinscent’ has been lovingly created in homage to those who answer the call of our Soul..

Pure Natural Vanilla CO2 extract is NOTHING like the ‘Vanilla’ perfumes you see from big brands. These are made from entirely different ingredients and are ethanol based, blended with artificial fragrances & sophisticated fractions, the chemical components of pure absolutes, essential oils, concretes & floral waxes..

This Solid Perfume - Vanilla Skinscent you find here is made with the pure, unadulterated COSMOS approved, ethical & sustainable Vanilla CO2 extract & lots of it.

To capture the full bodied aroma of the Vanilla, I have used minuscule amounts of essential oils & absolutes including Vetiver, Nutmeg, Oak moss, Yuzu, Cinnamon, Lavender and Anise interwoven together within the warming embrace of Sandalwood & Cedarwood & it’s this exquisite bouquet that coaxes the Vanilla to bloom… passionately.

I have created ‘Vanilla Skinscent’ to be entirely unisex, a deeply loving comforting, intimate fragrance that invites you to wear it on its own or blended with any of your other favourite fragrances.

Vanilla is compatible with everything.


Mood Affinity Ritual

Step 1. Massage a little of the perfume onto the back of your hand and inhale deeply, focusing on nothing but the exquisite aroma, the warm nuances, the enchanting breeze.

Step 2. Breathing deeply, close your eyes and take a few moments to rest your mind, still your thoughts and return to your centre.

Step 3. When you return, you can apply Vanilla skinscent to your pulse points or through your hair for a comforting bubble of aroma that's just for you & your loved ones..

10g in a 100% recyclable Miron Glass Jar & metal lid.

Vanilla Skinscent Solid Perfume Ingredients: Perfume Balm base *Shea butter, *Carnauba wax, Stearic acid (palm oil free). Perfume Oil blend -  *Vanilla planifolia CO2 extract, Santalum spicata (Sandalwood) wood oil (Australian) Juniperous
virginiana (Cedarwood) wood oil, Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg fruit) essential oil Vetiveria (Vetiver) zizanioides root essential oil, Illicum verum fruit/seed (Anise) essential oil, Oakmoss, Lavender, Cinnamon, Clove & Yuzu.

Skin safety: Always do a skin patch test & discontinue use if any irritation occures. Naturally occuring potential allergens within these Essential oils include : Linalool, Limonene, Eugenol, Farnesol, Citronellol & Geraniol.



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    Utterly Sensuous…

    Posted by Ashleigh Henderson on 19th May 2024

    Just purchased a sample of this and all I can say is wow! It is a warming and comforting scent, much like someone giving you a big meaningful hug. I also feel like there’s an air of mysteriousness to it, of untraveled lands and experiences not yet experienced. It truly is magical. Now I need the full-size in my life. ?