Amber Solid Perfume

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“What is that gorgeous fragrance?”

This is the response many receive when they smell the Natural Wisdom Solid Amber Perfume and it’s unforgettable. ..

On first inhaling this Amber scent you are greeted by myterious warm notes of sweet honey caramel, this gently transforms on the skin into a complex of woods & spices with subtle creamy vanilla undertones & a sunshine tropical citrus breeze that altogether lifts and surprises the senses..

100% natural Solid Perfume

 Vegan & Cruelty free

 Plastic free & Zero Waste

 Unisex fragrance

 17g poured into a beautiful & unique cedar root wooden pod or 8.5g poured into a deep violet Miron glass jar.

A unique Amber solid Natural Perfume & Cologne blended from an exotic fusion of authentic Moroccan Amber resin, botanical extracts & essential oils.

A warm fragrance with a delicate honey, almond, creamy caramel notes balanced with a touch of sunshine ripened Citrus & earthy, spicy notes from woods & spices.

A unisex aroma and a very big favourite as a beard balm cologne.

The perfect unique gift.


I N G R E D I E N T S :

100% free from Alcohol. Vegan
Ingredients: *Shea butter, Amber Perfume Resin, Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis), Sandalwood (santalum spicatum) Cedarwood (Juniperous virginiana) Frankincense carterii, Pimento pepper (Pimenta officinalis) fruit oil. *organic ingredients

C O N T R A I N D I C A T I O N S :

► FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. There are no known contraindications. If this natural perfume does not suit your skin, please stop using and get in touch.