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Organic Cotton Muslin Wash Cloth (Bundle of 5)

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Thick & luxurious, our organic cotton wash cloths are perfect for gently exfoliating and leaving skin clean, soft & smooth. Made from double woven cotton, they are easily cleaned, quick to dry, and perfect for everyday use and for travel.

Some shrinkage occurs on the first wash so choose a cool wash {no hotter than 60 degrees)

25 x 25cm. Organic unbleached cotton. Ethically & sustainably made in the EU.

Ethically created from sustainable organic cotton, these cloths are the perfect texture for gently cleansing the skin. A double woven cotton, easily cleaned and quick to dry, these cloths are perfect for everyday use and for travel. Organic Cotton.:
25 x 25cm Ethically & Sustainably Made in the EU.