Yuzu zing- Shampoo & Body Wash bar

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Handmade in small fresh batches with a wonderfully uplifting fragrance of Yuzu, Grapefruit & Lemongrass.

Perfect for all hair & skin types and with a special affinity for oily scalps, this beautiful bar is pH balanced to leave your hair & skin feeling clean, refreshed & soft.

Our Hair Care Bars offer great value compared to similar Solid Shampoo/Conditioner Bars available. 

* We only use pure safe plant colours such as Turmeric, Indigo & Blue Butterfly Pea. We don't use Mica. 

* We use premium grade Essential Oils. 

* We use the most up to date eco safe ingredients. Safe for our hair & skin, our water system & for our planet. 

* We pack our Shampoo/Conditioner Bars with highly effective super power ingredients 

* Our Hair Care bars are quite a lot heavier than the majority of the Bars available & cost less too. We've also formulated our Hair Care Bars to give premium efficiency & to last as long as possible by carefully maximising the active ingredients.

Hair Affinity Ritual 

  • Drench your Shampoo Bar and massage the bar between your hands to create a thick and creamy lather.
  • Apply this lather to wet hair from your roots down the ends. You can also rub the Shampoo Bar rub the bar directly onto your hair and skin if you prefer.
  • Massage into the scalp and hair and rinse well, repeating the process with our Hair Conditioning Bar.

Product Care.  To keep your Shampoo Bar in its best condition store it on a dry surface, away from water. Please do not use our wash bars in lakes or rivers.

Yuzu Zing Shampoo/Body Wash Ingredients (formally the Grapefruit & Lemongrass) 

+ Sodium cocoyl iIsethionate (SCI), **Brassica alcohol, **Cetyl alcohol,*Glycerin,*Acetic acid, (apple cider vinegar), **Coco-glucoside, **Glyceryl oleate, **Decyl glucoside,  **Trimethylglycin (natural betaine), *Butyrospermum parkii (shea) nut butter, **Stearic acid, *Spirulina powder, *Curcuma Longa (turmeric) root powder, **Indigo, Yuzu junos (Yuzu) oil **Citrus paradisi (grapefruit) oil, **Cymbopogon flexosus (lemongrass)

*Organic ingredient 100% Natural.**Ecocert & COSMOS Approved Ingredient. Vegan. Zero waste.

+ Sodium cocoyl Isethionate (SCI) is NOT currently 'Approved' by Ecocert or COSMOS but we have chosen to use it instead of the alternative 'Approved' SLSa because SCI is Naturally derived, Palm Oil Free, Sulfate Free, Vegan, very gentle for the skin & hair & readilly biodegradable. 


  • 5
    Beautiful smell and lather

    Posted by Magdalena on 9th Jun 2024

    Lovely natural shampoo cleans well and smells gorgeous.

  • 5
    It's a dream scent for any hair or body wash.

    Posted by Jo Tran on 17th Feb 2024

    I'm an avid appreciator of scents, those that help unwind, give you an uplift or help revive. So I alternate between using the Yuzu for a citrus scent simulation and the Bounce bars. Both equally beautiful in their own unique ways. The Yuzu especially leaves a beautiful scent on both skin and hair. It's a natural smell with none of that artificially sweet smell. This is natural hair and skin care, done exceptionally well. It's a firm favourite in our house.

  • 5
    Bathroom staple

    Posted by E Roberts on 8th Feb 2024

    I can’t get enough of this shampoo bar. It’s just the best. It’s great quality and you get countless uses before it runs out. Not sure what I’d do without it and this amazing one-woman brand!

  • 5
    The best shampoo bar going

    Posted by ER on 17th Aug 2023

    I really love this bar. It makes my hair feel light and fresh and the scent and lather rivals the well-known brands. I also love supporting small businesses and makers and you won't be disappointed with this product.

  • 5
    Yuzu Zing

    Posted by P.Nutt on 26th Jul 2023

    Another wonderful product! A refreshing fragrance. A spa experience in my shower! My hair feels lovely and soft ?

  • 5
    Yuzu zing -Shampoo and body wash bar

    Posted by Nykola Bates on 17th Oct 2022

    I’ve tried a few shampoo bars but this is by far my favourite.Not only does it smell divine and cleans your hair and body with a luxurious lava it actually lasts for ages.It’s full to bursting with loads of wonderful natural ingredients perfect for my sensitive skin.It always arrives quickly and is beautifully wrapped in a recycled book page for a little light entertainment

  • 5
    Simply amazing

    Posted by Leela on 16th Aug 2022

    Such a beautiful shampoo and body wash bar, I always found shampoo bars a little difficult to use on my long hair however this gets super foamy and you get a lot of product out of a little bit. Meaning the bar lasts for so long, it’s totally worth the money! My hair needs washing a lot less often aswell. The smell lasts on my hair and it always feels so soft and silky after washing. Overall Yuzu Zing is a transformative product that I’ll never stop using !

  • 5
    Fresh clean hair and scalp

    Posted by Jools on 15th May 2022

    I’ve been doing a no-poo conditioning wash for ages and wanted a foaming shampoo alternative that is skin, hair and environmentally friendly, to use to prevent buildup…. This Yuzu Shampoo bar is perfect for the job, especially as it’s chelating (a chelating formula attaches to the various minerals and metals found in hard water and whisks them away)… My hair and scalp feel really clean with just 2 shampoos followed by a light coating of the Yuzu conditioner bar, a great combo… I love the natural fresh citrusy fragrance… and it’s a great body wash too!