Hair & Body Wash Travel Well Gift Set

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Our Travel Sets have now become one of our best sellers..

They are perfect for the Gym, whilst travelling & they are great for festival camping.

I trialed so many different container options, everything from liquid wood to stainless steel… I didn’t like the ‘sensory feel’ of the liquid wood boxes & I was excited about the stainless steel boxes but they rusted very quickly and were really expensive…. It wasn’t until I tried these simple Tins that I felt ready to create a ‘Travel Well Gift Set’

These simple, elegant & practical tins are just like the story of the 3 bears …. Perfect & just so…

Compact & light weight, the tin measures 10 x 7x 3.7cm

Each Set contains -

One Shampoo & Body Wash Bar 65g

One multi use Conditioner & Shaving Cream Bar 40g which can be very effectively used as a co wash bar, and a Cream body wash & hand wash so this Travel Set really does have you covered.  

One Safix Coconut Fibre Soap Rest to keep your bars from becoming soggy..

Travel Set care tips -

To avoid water filling up the tin whilst in the shower, remove the Coconut Fibre pad from the tin & use this as your shampoo & conditioner bar rest. When ready to pack up, rinse the fibre pad under the tap, shake & pat dry on a towel & return it to the dry tin with your hair care bars. Once home, remove the lid for a few days to allow the container & contents to dry completely then replace the lid ready for your next trip. 

The tins are made from premium Aluminium - certified -

- Food safe
- PBA Free
- Vegan
- Recycles Forever
- One Tree Planted for every order we place with our suppliers.