Beautiful Note Cards to accompany gifts.

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                       “More than kisses, letters mingle souls”  - John Donne

Introducing a unique selection of 11 original natural wisdom greeting/gift cards. Blank inside for your own message and featuring an individual 'Quote' on the back matching the product wrap of the same design.

Artist drawn exclusibvely for us by by Liz Cooke using inks & watercolours

Each print is the exact copy of the the original hand drawn illustration created for & featured on our product labels & wraps.

Size: A6
Card stock: premium recycled cream laid (compostable)
Printing ink: vegetable (compostable)
Zero waste paper packaging (compostable)

Gift sets available:

The Full Set- pay for 10 cards with matching cream laid envelopes & receive the 11th card for free. £25.00

The Half Set with matching cream laid envelopes - pay for 5 cards & receive 1 extra card for free. £12.50

Individual Greeting Cards with matching cream laid envelopes - £3.50 each. Please let me know in the comments which individual card/s you would like. You can choose from the image above.

1. Lamu Vanilla
2. Blue Tansy
3. Deep C
4. Vital C
5. Solace scented
6. Solace unscented
7. Fruit Absolute
8. Blue Tranquility
9. Oasis
10. Pomegranates & flowers
11. Papaya & flowers


A little bit of background.

During the pandemic in 2021 I was able to commission my good friend Liz Cooke to illustrate 18 pieces of original art work based on the ingredients I use in the manufacture of 18 products.

Liz hand drew each piece on large A3 pieces of card, when the entire set had been completed & after quite a lot of trial & error we eventually managed to scan the pieces of art into the computer & using photoshop, I was then able to design all of our product labels & matching wraps which we print, cut & apply by hand to all our products.

The entire design process took nearly a full year but it was worth the wait & the learning curves.

My dream had always been to package the skincare products I make in pieces of art.

I had always felt that what I do, formulating skincare, haircare & solid perfumes is a very precious creative process, while it does have a necessary basis in bio chemistry there is a beating heart of creativity in creating the recipe, choosing & blending the botanicals, the entire formulation process feels like art to me.

I had longed for Liz to create artwork for Natural Wisdom for more than 10 years so it was an incredible joy for my wish to be realised.

I knew the moment I saw the original pieces of art that I wanted to create a collection of greeting cards, I am so happy to have been able to complete the circle.