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The Blue Jungle Gift Edit

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The Blue Jungle Gift Edit is everything Blue Jungle scented. 

Bourbon rose geranium, Lemon, Lavender & Patchouli essential oils. Not just any essential oils, I use the highest quality essential oils to make the Blue Jungle blend. Not all essential oils are made equal, they're are many different grades and we also use the very best aromatheraputic  oils.

In this gift edit, you find...

1 x Blue Jungle scented Shampoo/Body Wash 120g

1 x Blue Jungle scented Conditioner/shaving Cream/ Cream Cleanser Bar 80g

1 x Blue Jungle scented Oasis Oatcream Deodorant 40g

1 x Blue Jungle Solid Perfume & Cologne 8.5g (the solid Perfume/Cologne essential oil blend is made with additional Sandalwood & cedarwood oils)

This gift set comes with a 10% discount gift for you!