Kaolin Clay Gift Set

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As I promised, here is the Kaolin Clay bundle listing for your self care rituals, Hair care masks & skincare masks.

this special edition bundle listing comes complete with ..

1 x 250g of Kaolin inside a black air & water tight metal container.
1 x Wooden spoon
1 x Wooden blending beaker - special addition.
1 x Recipe & information sheet

Now available. 250g Kaolin Clay in recyclable paper pouches 

I blend my clay masks with a small wood spoon & beaker. Wood is the perfect receptical for self care rituals. it’s a zero waste, renewable material, wood grows itself, and our wooden items are made for us from fallen olive branches. Wood is wonderfully tactile, makes a soothing sound as you blend wood against wood, it’s also wonderfully robust & won’t break if it falls in the shower.

The Container is made from forever recyclable food safe metal & offer an air & water tight silicon seal. Made here in the UK, the company also plant a tree for every order. Our Kaolin Clay is also produced in Cornwall, here in the UK & is a pure grade clay.

“Dear Maeve, can you explain how a Kaolin Clay Hair Mask actually works? ..”

Kaolin Clay is negatively charged, the same as static. Our Hair (and our skin) is also [-] strongly negatively charged, this is why each strand is attracted to each other & how knots form.

Hair products such as conditioners, shampoo’s, smoothing creams & anti frizz are [+] charged. These ingredients temporarily subdue our Hair’s natural negative charge, this makes our hair smoother, less tangled & easier to manage.

It’s important to know that the scalp secrets a natural lubricant called Sebum which coats the hair & insulates it from its negative charge, this natural oil is what gives our hair it’s natural shine when we’re children, over time, this natural coating is worn away, it is constantly being reproduced though but it doesn’t often get the opportunity to reach the ends of your hair unless you rest your hair from time to time, a practice I recommend.

The trouble with positively charged Hair products is that over time they adhere to the hair making repeated applications of product less effective, the hair becomes dull & coated.

Kaolin Clay resets the Hairs natural negative charge by releasing the build up, I sometimes describe Kaolin as being like a gentle non abrasive exfoliator- it removes all the debris Hair products leave behind.

Hair feels soft again & products once again work like they did the first time.

Kaolin Clay is a wonderful natural, safe, gentle, single ingredient that elevates our self care rituals.

To make a Hair Mask-

Use about 50g of Kaolin Clay & blend with a little [filtered] water to make a smooth paste.

Pour a little onto the top of your head & work this down wet hair beginning at the forehead. Pat into the scalp & leave on the Hair for about 10 minutes, 5 minutes also does the trick, but I find 10 minutes does it better.

Rinse really well under the shower, lightly shampoo & Condition & prepare to be amazed at how soft your hair & skin feels.

Repeat as needed, a monthly mask is ideal but you can repeat more often as required.

The hair & scalp will also benefit from regular oiling too, one or twice a week idealy. Oiling the hair & scalp nourishes the scalp & and helps to protect & strengthen the hair shaft, increasing elasticity & reducing breakages.