Sandalwood Forest- Solid Cologne

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Our Sandalwood Cologne has a deep woody aroma with spicy nuances, and citrus top notes that delicately interwoven with an earthy hint of forest floor and camp fires. We use pure Sandalwood from Northern Queensland Australia, where the wood is carefully managed, to create this versatile and unique cologne. Available in a wooden pod (20g) and a Miron glass jar (10g)

100% natural ingredients. Vegan. Alcohol free. Zero Waste wooden pod. 

Mood Affinity Ritual

Simply massage a little bit onto your skin, hair or beard and enjoy.


Sandalwood Forest Solid Cologne Ingredients -

100% natural ingredients from flowers, fruit rind, tree resins, aromatic seeds, spices, bark, herbs and botanical roots.

*Shea butter, *Carnauba wax, Sandalwood (sustainably and ethically harvested from Northern Queensland of Australia), Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniper, Nutmeg, Frankincense, Lime, Black pepper, Fossilised Amber Oil, Patchouli, Rosemary, Pimento berry.

100% pure essential oils


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    Posted by Adam on 16th Apr 2024

    when I saw the size of the product I was a little disappointed. However, I had no idea how powerful this stuff is. A small amount goes a very long way and continues to develop. It’s smells great and it’s nice to not put nasty chemicals on your skin.

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    Delicious aroma hard perfume

    Posted by Judith Thurston on 23rd Nov 2023

    Reminds me of childhood putting on pulse points my aunts and mum used to use them. Nicer than spraying perfume all over body . Love the sandalwood, reminds me of my trips to India.

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    Uplifting unisex classic cologne

    Posted by Lichie01 on 15th May 2022

    … gorgeously blended soft citrusy top notes grounded with creamy sandalwood and woodsy oakmoss … a perfect pick-me-up when I need to focus my mind on a task … lovely after a bath…. compliments a crisp white linen shirt and jeans… sits close to the skin and whispers ‘you are strong’