Nag Champa - Solid Perfume & Cologne

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A versatile and unique solid perfume from Natural Wisdom, our Nag Champa is reminiscent of incense with soft floral & wood resin notes. This unisex fragrance is a fusion between the creamy depths of Sandalwood and the mossy floral enchantress that is Frangipani, making it a transformative uplifting scent for your senses.

100% natural ingredients. Vegan. Alcohol free. Zero Waste wooden pod or Miron, violet Glass jar

Mood Affinity Ritual

Step 1. Massage a little Nag Champa onto the back of your hand.

Step 2. Inhale deeply, closing your eyes and breathing deeply, put your stress away and allow your state to shift to calm tranquillity.

Step 3. Apply to pulse points. Rub a little through your hair. Apply as a beard cologne.

Nag Champa Solid Perfume Ingredients -

*Shea butter & *Canauba wax 

Sandalwood Spaicata (sustainably and ethically harvested in Australia)

Frangipani essential oil (India)
Jasmine grandiflorum essential oil (india)
Cedarwood essential oil
Ylang ylang
Sweet Orange
Black pepper

*organic ingredient

100% Natural & Vegan:
17g in a zero waste wooden pod