Patchouli Frangipani Solid Perfume & Cologne

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On first inhaling Patchouli Frangipani you are greeted by a rich & complex fusion of exotic tropical florals & spicy warm woods with a mossy earthiness. It is a mysterious fragrance with multiple nuances that undulate & linger.

Solid Perfumes will always smell differently on the skin than they do in the pot & Patchouli Frangipani is one such fragrance that transforms & blooms on the skin over time. If you wear it over clothes, you'll find the aroma developes over the entire day and remains an enchanting fragrance for days, especially on natural fabrics including wool.

Patchouli & Frangipani are two ancient 'temple' oils used for transcendental meditation. 

Patchouli, when used in perfumery and used well, with knowledge and experience is best described ‘as a bridge’ this wonderful therapeutic essential oil is a delightful conduit, it combines and connects, intwines and creates flow. It inspires and invigorates the movement of energy, blend Patchouli with Frangipani, bright, sunshine Citrus Oils, Sandalwood & a touch of Frankincense & something absolutely incredible is created.

Simply called ‘Patchouli & Frangipani’, this tropical island fragrance is so much more than this name suggests.. it’s your Thailand holiday, your once in a lifetime trip to Fiji, it’s your dream of travel & adventure to ancient temples hidden deep in the jungle..

This is “Fiji in the rain” and has an earthiness reminiscent of 'Petrichor'

Customer review for Patchouli & Frangipani- “The other day, I was in my local post office and I was wearing this delightful perfume and the lady behind the counter stopped serving me and asked what perfume I was wearing, when I told her, she instantly bought one using her phone and raves about it every time she sees me.”

Mood Affinity Ritual:

Apply to pulse points and to the back of your hands, rub a little between your palms and run through hair or beard. This is a unisex perfume and despite containing the flower of love (Frangipani) there is nothing 'flowery' about this fragrance.