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Organic Raspberry Seed Oil (CO2 Extracted)

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Certified Organic CO2 extracted, Red Raspberry seed oil. (Rubus idaeus).


Our Raspberry seed oil is a light and deeply nourishing oil, with a delightful fruity scent. It is perfect as a lightweight skin Moisturiser that dissapears into the skin without a trace & the benefits of this nutrient dense oil can also be enjoyed as a scalp and hair treatment.

Organic CO2 extracts are superior in quality to cold pressed seed oils because they are extracted in a closed system in the total absence of light, heat and air. This produces an fresh, incredibly potent, nutrient dense oil.


Ingredients: *Raspberry seed extract, *Rosemary leaf extract (antioxidant) 


*organic ingredient. 





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    Organic Raspberry Seed Oil (CO2 Extracted)

    Posted by Julie Lichtenberg on 21st Sep 2023

    Thank you Maeve for this wonderful oil, it makes a perfect facial oil … I’m using it at nighttime for overnight skin nourishment and hydration boost but it could be used in the daytime too as it’s a light oil that quickly sinks into the skin… even after a few days of use my skin looks and feels healthier … I also like that it’s organic, natural and CO2 extracted to retain its properties…