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Solid Perfume & Cologne-Mood Affinity Sample Set

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Huzzah, our Mood Affinity Solid Perfume & Cologne Samples are back.

Each tiny pot contains 1.5 gram of solid perfume which provides approximately 12 or more individual applications & there are 10 solid perfume samples available. You can choose between 1 & 10samples. If you choose all 10 samples, you'll receive the 10th sample free.

Please leave me a message when you checkout letting me know the samples you'd like to receive.

Mood Affinity Samples. Made from 100% natural & organic ingredients.

❁ Jasmine Blossom (Bohemian autonomy, Floral & uplifting) Feminine

❁ Nag Champa (A sense of adventure. Woody, incense, floral) Unisex

❁ Anahata Heart (Open hearted & affectionate. Citrus with Floral breeze) Unisex

❁ Sandalwood Forest Cologne (A love of the wild. Woody, earthy, mossy with a Citrus breeze) Masculine

❁ Amber Patchouli (Bohemian adventurer. Earthy with woody herbaceous notes) Unisex

❁ Amber ( Sunshine & ocean spray. Warm, nourishing & sweet with woody spicy notes) Unisex

❁ Patchouli & Frangipani (Tropical sunshine & Fiji dreams. Warm & fun with a floral breeze)Unisex

❁ Patchouli Rose (Confident creative. Warm & herbaceous with a floral breeze) Unisex

❁ Patchouli (For Patchouli lovers, this is a premium Oak matured Indian Patchouli) Unisex

Vanilla Skinscent (constant courage & determination needs a warm safe embrace sometimes. Indulgent & comforting, sweet & warm, creamy gourmand Vanilla with woods & spices & bright sunshine notes. Unisex

 Our Solid Perfumes are 100% Natural & Vegan. They are also alcohol free.

❁ Blend 2 or more together to make your own unique & individual scent. Vanilla blends with everything! Jasmine blends with Nag Champa, the Ambers & the Patchouli's beautifully. Anahata & Sandalwood make an exquisite blend. Be playful!

Each solid perfume sample comes in a small aluminium metal pot that contains 1.5g of solid Perfume or Cologne.

I recommend you enjoy your solid perfume daily while they’re fresh & at their very best, until it is all gone or gift it to a friend if its not quite your cup of tea :-)





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    Solid perfumes

    Posted by Katherine on 25th Apr 2022

    These are lovely fragrances. There’s nothing artificial about them; the balm feels lovely on your skin and I love the way the scent warms and develops over time. They smell of gardens and camp fires and forests! Beautiful.